Got icecream

Posted by ads on Friday, 2007-07-06
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Yesterday Stefan (mastermind) and I finally arrived in Prato just to meet David Fetter, Magnus Hagander and Josh Berkus in the hotel. We made a trip into the city because we had some hours until the evening program starts.

The community program was a visit to a very good restaurant. It was 21 people and we got bread, different meats and potatoes, some people even tried to empty the available bottles ;-)

After the restaurant we visited a bar and there I finally got my icecream!

Last visit for this day was the boat the five of us already visited earlier this day.

All in all I met many interesting people and the Prato Linux Usergroup is really impressive.

I wanted to write this blog posting yesterday in the evening (or more exactly early this morning), but the gatekeeper bugged me to leave the hotel lobby. So it’s not as long as yesterday and I already forgot one or two facts I wanted to write down :-(

Even Magnus was faster updating his blog and feeding the planet ;-)