UBERWACH plugin for serendipity

Posted by ads on Sunday, 2007-11-04
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Maybe you already noted the small surveillance camera in the menu list on the right side. Hopefully the icon is green, that would be good for you. If it’s red your request comes from an IP-address known for being allocated by a German ministry or political party. Thats nice to know, isn’t it?

More details about the icon and the project behind can be found at www.uberwach.de.

If you are running a Serendipity blog and want to show this icon, I wrote a small plugin. You can get it from: base.wars-nicht.de/projects/serendipity/. Unpack the zip archive, copy the included directory into your blog plugin directory, and check the “Configure plugins” link in the admin menu. The new plugin should be available in the list for the sidebar plugins. Have fun!

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