FOSDEM 2008 and election for EU user group

Posted by ads' corner on Sunday, 2008-01-20
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As announced back in December, the PostgreSQL Group has a developer room at FOSDEM 2008 in Brussels, together with the BSD team.

Now we have the schedule for the talks, available at The list is very interesting and we have a wide variety, starting with news about (of course) PG 8.3, use cases like SNMP, enterprise or high availability and also some interesting talks about the technology behind PostgreSQL: the search page and the infrastructure. But that’s not all, check on the webpage what else we have to offer.

The last slot on Sunday evening (Election of EU group) is not really a talk: the European PostgreSQL User Group is electing a board of directors. You should read the current proposal for the statutes (along with the mailinglist thread and a discussion page) and also the rules for the election.

So if you are from Europe, join the user group and help with your vote ;-)

You can also send your proposals to:

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