You need two elephants for replication

Posted by ads on Sunday, 2008-02-24
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FOSDEM 2008 in Brussels is a smashing success. As you remember we have a shared devroom together with the BSD projects. So far it seems we are one of the few devrooms who have a full schedule for both days - some other projects (who particulary got a bigger devroom) only had talks for one day or worse.

Anyway, we had many visitors in our devroom, for some talks the audience even had to use standing places. The talks are scheduled on a rotating basis so most of the time we have one PostgreSQL talk followed by a BSD talk. Some talks even overlap thematically a bit, BSD folks is using PostgreSQL in some tests or projects and vice versa. With the rotating scheme we have many visitors from both groups who not just attend one specific talk but instead stay for one or two extra talks.

We also have a booth which is attracting a lot visitors too. Many people come around, ask questions or tell us how they are using PostgreSQL. Oh, we also have some interesting stuff to give away or to sell. Gabriele brought flyers and pens from Italy, Gevik sponsored a box with anti-stress balls with PG logo on it, Magnus brought live-cds, supplied by Robert and Koen made suitable labels. David had nice new pins in his luggage and one should not forget the blue plush elefants - this time we also have a pair of bigger parent elephants. Always remember, you need two elephants for replication ;-)

blue plush elephant
blue plush elephant

Later today we try to auction off one of the big elephants, there was some interest in the last days. Actually we don’t have any small elephants anymore, most of them (23 out of 25) are already bought by visitors yesterday. Instead of the last talk, which usually does not get many attention by visitors (most people are already heading home at this time), we want to hold our election for the EU group board of directors.

We keep you posted.