Schedule for developer room and social event - FOSDEM 2009 in Brussels

Posted by ads on Sunday, 2009-02-01
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FOSDEM 2009 takes place in Brussels, Belgium next weekend. I hope everyone prepared his talk and booked tickets for the plane ;-)

This post informs you about the schedule for our developer room, the location of the booth and the details about our own social event.

The developer room for the BSD groups and for PostgreSQL is in building UA2, room 114. You can find the schedule in the bsdwiki (ignore the error about the invalid certificate):

Basically we start Saturday at 1pm with the keynote and end at 7pm. Sunday starts at 9am and ends at 5pm (one hour erlier than last year).

The PostgreSQL booth will be in the same building like last year: building AW, on the left floor.

We don’t have plans for Saturday (and Sunday) evening, but for Friday evening we have a reservation in the Restobières. The address is: rue des Renards, 32. We will meet there at 7 pm, please ask for “Martens / Postgres”.

See you!