How to upgrade a Ubuntu server over the network

Posted by ads on Tuesday, 2009-04-28
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Now that the shiny new Ubuntu 9.04 is available, the servers with packages for 7.10 are closed down. Ok, how to upgrade a server, if you can’t even install the update-manager-core package - because of the missing repositories?

(Backup and) edit your /etc/apt/sources.list file, comment out any third-party software sources. Replace every occurence of the old distribution name (gutsy in question) with the new name (hardy for the latest Long-Time-Support release, or a newer release). Then start a screen, in case your network connection breaks during the upgrade.

aptitude clean
aptitude update

(make sure that you don’t see any 404 errors here)

aptitude dist-upgrade

(that’s the old name, the new one is full-upgrade)

Reboot your box and voila you should have an upgraded system.

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