Making life easy for new (and old) PWN translators

Posted by ads on Friday, 2009-10-16
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I released version 3.0 of the pwn-translation script. Although the version number is already 3.0, this is the first public available version.

What does it do? You feed one of David Fetter’s PostgreSQL weekly news mails into the script and it generates a new mail with all known text parts translated into your native language. This should make life very easy for new - and already existing - pwn translators.

What’s included? The package consists of the script, a readme (not needed after install), one config file containing static translations and two files containing translations for the local news and the product news.

How does it work? My preferred use: let procmail feed the pwn mail into the script. A new mail with the translation is send to the configured email address. A sample procmail configuration can be found in the readme. In addition to the “procmail-mode”, it is possible to use the script on the command line. A debugging switch outputs the result into temporary files instead of sending a mail.

How to use it? Unless David changes the format of the pwn mails or add new sections, only the two files containing the translations needs to be updated with new content. This files even accept regular expressions, as example for handling version numbers in the product section. The usage is very easy, examples are included in the package.

Does this stuff require a database? Not at all.

What programming language is used? Perl.

I hope, people find this tool easy enough to translate the PWN into more languages and spread the word about PostgreSQL.

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