First day of PGDay.Eu 2010

Posted by ads on Tuesday, 2010-12-07
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The first day of PGDay.EU 2010 was cool. All the work done yesterday now paid out: registration for everyone took only seconds and nobody had to wait.

The conference started with a welcome from our president and then with a keynote given by Simon Phipps.

After the keynote I was room host for two talks in the german track, and I had the pleasure to announce a PostGIS talk given by Stefan Keller and Andreas Neumann, and a talk about PostgreSQL in Business, given by Marc Balmer.

After a very good lunch, I was scheduled for the last talk on this day on the german track. The talk was about Open Source Decisions: I asked several companies about the reasons why they are using open or closed source software (and some other related questions) and compiled an advocacy talk from the answers. Thanks to my audience for a very successfull discussion.

In the evening, EnterpriseDB hosted the usual social event. There was good food and drinks and we had a room just for us. It was a good time to talk with old friends and join others for good discussions.