Second day of PGDay.Eu 2010

Posted by ads on Thursday, 2010-12-09
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The second conference day started with stress: the schedule was wrong in the booklet, the first talks in the morning were scheduled with 20 minutes instead of 50 minutes. This was the reason why so many visitors showed up early ;-) We decided to cut the next talks 5 minutes short and take 5 or 10 minutes from the breaks. After lunch we were back on schedule again.

Because of a PGEU board meeting - originally scheduled before the first talk, but then delayed because of the booklet error - I missed the first talk in the morning. Then I attended Stefan “mastermind” Kaltenbrunner’s talk about “Benchmarking and performance tests for and with PostgreSQL” - and yes, I learned something new. The next slot in the same room was reserved for my talk about “Porting databases from MySQL to PostgreSQL”. Not so many visitors as for my previous talk, but not everyone is interested in this topic anyway. We had some nice discussions and I got the impression that not everybody is aware about the amount of problems which raises such a project.

After the excellent lunch I was room host for Gianni Ciolli and his talk about “Windows that Work: How to use complex SQL for the greater good” as well as for Dimitri Fontaine and his talk about “PostgreSQL extension’s development”. I learned that now it’s a good time to rewrite my table_log extension and port it to the upcoming extension infrastructure.

The last slot of the day was reserved for Ed Boyajian and his presentation about “PostgreSQL’s time to shine”. He included some very interesting numbers, you can find this (and most of the other) slides on the PG wiki.

Dave and Magnus really got the last word ;-) They told us about the success for this year’s conference, showed some numbers and then we thanked all speakers and helpers (especially Harald and the guys from imos).

After that it was time for the group picture, this year under difficult conditions: it’s impossible to get ~ 200 people on a single picture. In the end we formed a semicircle and I shot several pictures for a panorama. The result is here (if you click on the preview you can see the whole picture):

Group picture - PGDay.EU 2010
Group picture - PGDay.EU 2010

That’s it. PGDay.EU 2010 is over! It was a great conference.

In the evening we went to a kart racing arena and had some more fun. But I will write about this in another blog post.