PGDay.EU 2010 - Kart racing

Posted by ads' corner on Friday, 2010-12-10
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On tuesday evening, after the conference, we went to a kart racing arena near Stuttgart. This event was announced in the first mail to all participants, although there was no reminder because all available places in the cars (for transportation to the kart racing) were already reserved after a short time.

We had 20 drivers, splitted up in 3 groups. Each group had 10 minutes for qualifying and a 10 minute race. Although someone gave me all the papers with the results, there are no names on most of the sheets. So I cannot say who won each of the three races.

The winner and the second-placed of each group drove a final race. The final result:

  1. Patryk Kordylewski
  2. Hans-Jürgen Schönig
  3. Simon Riggs

This was fun:

Group picture - Kart racing
Group picture - Kart racing