PostgreSQL@FOSDEM 2011

Posted by ads on Saturday, 2011-02-12
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Yeah, FOSDEM is already a week ago, but I found no time to blog about the event. Anyway, here I go:

This years edition of FOSDEM was very successfull, especially for the PostgreSQL project. We got two tables in the main building, which gave us plenty of space to present the project and talk with visitors. In addition, we had our devroom in the main building too. So, thank you to the FOSDEM team for this smart move.

The devroom had many visitors for all talks. We managed to have 6 talks, three very technical and three more user orientated.

I came with a car full of stuff to Brussels, and leaved on Sunday with just two boxes. We gave away all stressballs and all pens, and sold all elephants (again) and mugs. Only one or two bags from PGDay.EU 2010 are left and several shirts. Time to order new merchandising stuff ;-) The Perl table next to us brought a very large camel, obviously an eye-catcher.

This year I also found time to visit other interesting talks, and managed to meet good friends again. As every year, it was a very good event, just a bit cold outside ;-)