PGCon 2011 - Postgre NoSQL

Posted by ads' corner on Thursday, 2011-05-19
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Postgre NoSQL - that’s what Devrim was talking about in the Royal Oak pub. But more about his big failure later.

Yesterday in the evening I finally arrived in Ottawa. After some years trying to go to PGCon and somehow managed every year to be fully booked during the conference time. So it’s my first PGCon, but hopefully not the last one. Obviously there are like a dozen “Royal Oak” pubs in the city, but after some rough directions from David Fetter (“it’s the nearest one”) I finally found the PostgreSQL crowd and got some breakfast.

Today started with some shopping and lunch together with Stefan - mastermind - Kaltenbrunner and Thom - dark_ixion - Brown. Afternoon we “checked in” for the conference, again in the Royal Oak pub ;-) and again we met more PostgreSQL folks. Dinner was with EnterpriseDB, thanks for the invitation!

Finally after dinner we headed back to … the Royal Oak, where else? ;-)

Somehow we managed to loose most of the EDB folks on the way to the pub, but Tom Lane and Robert Haas joined us later. That’s where Devrim, after some beer, talked himself into an early Postgre grave ;-)

Good night, see you tomorrow at the conference (finally a conference which I can attend without being involved into the planning ;-) )

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