PGCon 2011 - Second day

Posted by ads on Saturday, 2011-05-21
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Second - and last day - of PGCon 2011 is over. It was a very good conference, I got new ideas and learned a lot.

My conference day started with Jeff Davis' talk about “Range Types”. This is imho a very useful new feature.

Had to skip the second slot because of some work and several phone conferences.

Afternoon started with Tom Lane’sHacking the Query Planner - Part II”. This was the continuation of yesterday’s talk.

Greg Smith presented some insights of performance tuning under heavy load in his “The Write Stuff” talk. Very interesting. I finally have to buy his book.

The last was given by Dan Ports and Kevin Grittner about the new “Serializable Snapshot Isolation in Postgres”. At first sight it sounds strange, but after a second thought it makes sense. It also includes some very advanced research stuff ;-)

PGCon ended with the “Closing sessions”. Dan auctioned off some cool items, like several books, shirts, one of our plush elephants and posters. This collected 1705 Canadian Dollar and will be spent to a charity organization. Congratulations!

In the evening we went for a little party, sponsored by PGExperts. I also brought myself a cup of ice cream. This is a good day ;-)

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