PGCon 2011 - Stop following the Greg

Posted by ads' corner on Sunday, 2011-05-22
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Another day in Ottawa. Parts of the crowd attended the PL Developer Summit. Another part ventured the city. Personally I took the chance and got some sleep - only woken up by the room service, calling me and asking me when they can cleanup my room. H***, what is the reason of the “Do not disturb” sign on my door?

In the afternoon I went with Devrim to yesterday’s place and we found most of the folks there. I’m not sure if they went again to the pub, or stayed all night ;-)

After a long search for a dinner restaurant, we finally decided to follow Greg oh je and ended up in the Hard Rock Cafe - this was actually Devrim’s recommendation. We should really stop following Greg!

The dinner was decent, and guess where we went next? Right: the Royal Oak ;-)

During some drinks we found out, that we still have one or two months without PostgreSQL conferences. But I already heard Selena muttering about a “Query Planner Summit”. This will be an interesting summer!

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