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Posted by ads' corner on Sunday, 2011-07-10
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CHAR(11), the conference about Clustering, High Availability and Replication takes place in Cambridge, UK. As usual, it is also one of these conferences where you can meet a fair share of the PostgreSQL folks.

Had to rent a car, because I have another appointment right after the conference. Boy, I tell you: driving on the left side of the street is ok. At least that’s what I usually do on German motorways. But having the wheel of the right side of the car is just insane. Anyway, I made my way to Cambridge - without any accidents.

Met Dave, Harald, Jan and Magnus at the venue and a beer later we went out for dinner. Dave and Magnus made a reservation in the Browns restaurant only some minutes away. Some more people joined us over the evening. The food was nice, and Dave actually tried to order better drinks than I did. Well, he tried ;-)

Looks like we will see another interesting database conference.

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