Brasserie Blanc in Oxford

Posted by ads on Sunday, 2011-08-14
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I promised Dave to blog about this Brasserie - and now I see, that he did not even bother to blog about CHAR(11) ;-)

Was a bit early to the conference and visited Dave’s home near Oxford. Among some drinks in the evening we also went to Oxford and enjoyed dinner. Actually, we had to walk around quite a bit, because every good restaurant in the city was fully overcrowded and people were waiting outside in lines.

En route we also found some bookshops and I stocked up with some more english-language books - hard to find most of them in Germany.

Finally we found the Brasserie Blanc in a side street and after a short waiting time we got seated. The food was very french, not too much, but very adequate and tasty. Have to say: seldom had a better dinner.

Later we went to a pub and enjoyed more drinks ;-)

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