Moving back to EMC

Posted by ads on Tuesday, 2014-02-18
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Beginning of February 2014 I moved back from goPivotal to EMC.

Last year, VMware and EMC (USA) created a new company: goPivotal - everything cloud and agile. Among other resources, they also moved Greenplum over into this new startup. This happened in Germany during May/June. However, as some of you may know, I was not very happy with this move and end of last year I finally decided to leave goPivotal.

After submitting my resignation and publicly announcing that I’m looking for something new, I was contacted by a number companies, including EMC (Germany).

Turns out that the companies which upfront expressed the greatest interest are not really interested. And companies which you think they don’t have what you are looking for - well, they turn around and offer you something even more interesting.

In the end, after considering various offers, I decided to move to the Digital Applications Work Group in EMC.

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