PostgreSQL @ FOSDEM 2020

Posted by ads on Thursday, 2020-01-16
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The PostgreSQL Project is present with a booth at FOSDEM ever since 2007. Since 2008 we organize a Devroom, since 2013 we have our own PGDay on the Friday before FOSDEM. This year marks the 8th FOSDEM PGDay.

This blog post presents useful information about the PGDay, the booth and Devroom at FOSDEM.

When does the PGDay take place, and can I still attend?

This year’s FOSDEM PGDay takes place in the Hilton Brussels Grand Place. This is a single day, single track event with PostgreSQL talks. A registration is required, the event still has a few seats available.

How can I get to the Hilton?

The hotel is right at the central train station. OpenStreetMap link here.

And if I need a hotel room?

We have a special rate at the Hilton, a few rooms are still available. Follow the link on the venue website.

Do you have a Code of Conduct?

We have a CoC for the FOSDEM PGDay on Friday. FOSDEM has a CoC for the entire event at the ULB. Everyone wants to be safe, please respect others. In case of an emergency, please call the authorities.

Can I sponsor the PGDay?

This event is run and supported by PostgreSQL Europe, without the support of sponsors. However you can contact PGEU and talk about sponsor opportunities for one of the many other events, or about donations. FOSDEM has a separate page for sponsors.

How can I get to the main FOSDEM event?

FOSDEM takes place at the ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles) campus. OpenStreetMap link here. Your best option is to use public transport, or a taxi.

Can I park my car on the ULB campus?

Parking options on the campus are very limited, and usually full even before the event starts. Remember: the Brussels region is a Low Emission Zone (LEZ). You need to pre-register your car!

Where can I find the PostgreSQL booth?

The PostgreSQL booth will be in the K building. A map of the campus is available here. There will be someone from the PostgreSQL team at the booth at all times, both Saturday and Sunday.

Basically you arrive by car / taxi at point “11”, walk up the street, pass building H, pass through building F and then the K building is on the right side. Or you arrive by public transport at point 1, then the K building is on the right, before you reach the F building.

When and where is the PostgreSQL Devroom?

The PostgreSQL Devroom is only Sunday, and it is room H.2214 in the H building. Map of the campus is here. The official schedule is on the FOSDEM PGDay website, both for the PGDay on Friday and the Devroom on Sunday. We aim to keep the FOSDEM Pentabarf system up to date, but last minute changes will appear on our official website first. Also keep an eye on our official Twitter account for any changes.

Is there a mobile friendly schedule available?

The schedule is available offline for mobile devices. Link here. Thanks to Daniel and Vik for the new mobile website!

Do you still need help at the booth or the Devroom?

Sure, we can always use a helping hand. If you volunteer for the Devroom, you basically have a guaranted seat in an always packed Devroom. We also need people who can stay at the booth and answer PostgreSQL related questions. If you are interested, please follow the instructions in this CfV.

Will there be a social event?

Usually there is the Friday Beer Event, organised by FOSDEM - however nothing is announced for this year so far. This event was always crowded, therefore traditionally the PostgreSQL team finds another place for dinner. Our dinner is not an official event! If you are interested to join us (Thursday, Friday, Saturday evening), please contact

How can I reach someone?

We use Telegram for team communication. This year, we create an additional channel to offload chatter about dinner organisation and such from the official channel. Please contact if you want to join the general channel. We just avoid posting the invitation links here.

Will there be recordings of the talks?

The PGDay on Friday is not recoded. The FOSDEM team goes to great lengths to provide recordings of all tracks, follow the FOSDEM website for news.

Will the speakers upload their slides?

We encourage our speakers to upload or link their slides. If a speaker did upload slides, they will appear on the talk description page. See the official schedule for more information.

I’m a Devroom organizer - how do you manage your Devroom?

Glad you ask! I wrote a blog post about this in 2018. Probably time to update it - after this year’s event.