PGSQL Phriday #002 Summary: PostgreSQL Backup and Restore

Posted by ads on Tuesday, 2022-11-08
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Last week for “PGSQL Phriday” I posted the following task:

Describe how you do backups for your PostgreSQL databases.

And I added a bonus question: Is pg_dump a backup tool?

Blog posting summary

Quite a few people posted their backup strategies, in no particular order (or rather in order I’ve seen them online):

If I forgot a blog posting, please contact me on one of the usual social media channels, or per email.

Honorary mention: Robert Haas blogged about backups, but not related to #PGSQLPhriday.

What about pg_dump?

I already explained in my initial #PGSQLPhriday posting why backups are important. The open question is, if pg_dump counts as backup tool.

It depends. Really.

If your requirement is that you need to be able to recover every transaction, then a snapshot from pg_dump will certainly not help you. Any business critical application deverses better than just a snapshot.

If however you just run a website like this blog on PostgreSQL, and things change every once in a while, a snapshot might be sufficient.

Figure out your requirements, and base your decision on that.

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