PGSQL Phriday #003: What is the PostgreSQL Community to me

Posted by ads on Sunday, 2022-12-04
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Pat Wright is running this month’s #PGSQLPhriday, and the topic is “What is the PostgreSQL Community to you?

The answer for me is very versatile, and covers quite a lot. Took me a moment to gather the facets, and likely I’m still missing some parts.

The PostgreSQL community for me is friends, databases, events, learning, speaking, teaching, writing, and much more.

  • The community itself is distributed across many different channels: Mailing Lists, IRC, Slack, Mastodon, Twitter, User Groups, Blogs, many Facebook groups, LinkedIn and more. Personally I follow some of these channels, but can’t follow all of them.
  • One of the larger interactions with the community is probably my tasks and duties as a member of the Board of Directors for PostgreSQL Europe. In this capacity we - all the board members - organize events, help local user groups, but also have to deal with legal affairs, for example around trademarks.
  • Recently, another large part of interaction with the community is my interview series “PostgreSQL Person of the Week”. It’s almost three years of weekly interviews with members of the community, and I’m happy that so many people agreed to give an interview and others can learn what they are doing for the community.
  • It’s always nice to attend meetups and conferences. The community has a vast knowledge and such events are a good opportunity to learn something new. At times I also present a talk, both about technical topics as well as talking about the community itself. I highly value all the opportunities to meet others and exchange ideas. Many good ideas are a result of hallway discussions, or having dinner with other community members.
  • At times I deliver trainings, both internally and externally. This is a chance to teach others about our lovely elephant database, but also an opportunity for me to refresh my own memory about certain aspects.
  • This blog here is used to write about things I discovered or learned, sometimes PostgreSQL related, sometimes other topics. Always love to see comments under my postings.
  • While working with the community I got to know good friends. We’ve been on vacation trips together, invited to private events, and regularly organize our conference trips to attend the same events. Hello everyone I can call a good friend!

Let’s hope this community is here to stay for many more years.