KeepingYouAwake on Mac OS X

Posted by ads on Wednesday, 2023-05-24
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On my Mac, one of the annoying “features” is when the Mac screensaver comes on, the device eventually goes to sleep, and it disconnects the network. Which in turn timeouts services like Slack or Google, because these services keep a network connection open at all times. When waking up the device, I often have to login again into all the services, even though the device is just sitting in my working room on the desk all day and night. Very annoying.

I suppose it’s one of these things where Apple thinks they know better how users want their device to behave.

Mac Laptop with Coffee

KeepingYouAwake is a nice little tool which prevents all of this.

When it is running and activated, it prevents the Mac from going to sleep. Which in turn never deactivates the network. And never timeouts the online services.

What’s not to love about it?

Picture made by Anton Atanasov

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