Obsidian: Paste URL into selection

Posted by ads on Friday, 2023-06-23
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I have a few community plugins enabled in my Obsidian. One of them is “Paste URL into selection” - and it fits very well into the Markdown workflow. Also what you might know from other tools like Slack.

In Markdown, a link is created using square brackets and round brackets. The description text for the link goes into the square brackets, the URL into the round brackets:

[This is a link to the Obsidian website](https://obsidian.md/)

Now, usually I write the text first, and then later on add the link. Without this plugin, I have to add the square brackets manually, then add the round brackets and insert the link.

With the Paste URL into selection plugin, I copy the link, select the text in Obsidian and press Ctrl+v. The plugin creates the Markdown link automatically.

It’s not much, but it’s really useful when writing larger texts with many links!

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