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Posted by ads on Friday, 2023-11-24
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New blog. Or, more exactly, new blog software.

I moved this blog from Serendipity to Hugo.

Along the way I updated many old and broken links (mostly by pointing them to, removed some content, and refreshed everything. This blog started around 2006, back then HTML version 4 was still a thing. And because S9y stores the raw HTML in the database, I ended up with a couple of blog postings with invalid HTML in it.

The majority of the migration work from HTML 4/5 to Markdown was handled by a script. This script also added markers where manual work is necessary, mostly around outdated tags, missing pictures, broken links, invalid HTML. I also simplified the tags and categories handling. And this script generates redirects from the old urls to the new ones. That’s a whopping 11576 redirects as of now.

So far I’m happy with he move.

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