2023 Speaker Dinner

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Traditionally, we (the conference organizers) invite the speakers and volunteers to a dinner the evening before the conference.

Without the speakers and all the helping hands the conference is certainly not possible.

Tomas found a nice place in Prague, the Restaurace Marina Garden. It’s about 30 minutes by public transport from the conference venue.

But this posting is not about the restaurant, but rather what’s happening when a large number of PostgreSQL people come together and have an opportunity to chat about many different topics. The venue is downstairs, and the seating splits the larger group up into up to 6 people per table. Ideal conditions to walk around, chat with everyone, talk with old friends and meet new peoole.

Where is the next conference

One question which is raised every time is “Where will the next PGConf.EU (2024 edition) take place?” We as board learned the hard way not to announce anything before we have a signed contract, but the ideas people come up are fascinating. The dominant theory is that because we came back to Prague, we now have to follow “the cycle” again. We’ll see where the next conference will be.

Where is SQL in 20 years

Another even more fascinating question: “Where will SQL be in 20 years?” That’s an interesting one. The data didn’t change much over the past 20 years, it just grew bigger and bigger. The CSV format (Comma-Separated Values) itself is about 50 years old, and doesn’t show any signs that it will no longer be used. Sure, XML and JSON define better exchange formats, but many times it’s still “just text”.

SQL as a query language needs to deal with more complex queries, many times auto-generated by other programs. And of course with larger data sets. While the language also adopts new features, the actual usage of such features is not well known. Unless tools like ORM and ETL tools and other tools can make use of advances SQL features, it many times comes down to executing simple or complex queries as fast as possible.

How is this thing spelled

Everyone knows it’s “PostgreSQL”, right? The identidy guidelines specify:

The first letter and the last 3 letters ( SQL ) should be capitalized, and all letters should be in the same colour, to avoid accidentally emphasising an incorrect name, such as “Postgre”.

Fun to see that companies like Google still produce merchandise with two different colors for the name. I’d expect them to do better, and know the guidelines of the software projects they are using.

Training for new speakers

One topic which was discussed at a table was how we can help new speakers. One of the proposals was to have dry-runs with and for new speakers.

We tried that during Covid-19, when everything was remote. It did not find much attention.

What do you think: if you are a new speaker, will you use such an opportunity? And how should it look like, in person, remote, recoeded, other?

Trainings II

Speaking of trainings, apparently no one ran out of the trainings on Tuesday. Which is considered a success ;-)


There are good ideas where to create new Meetups, but it’s hard to get this started. the first few meetings, starting from basically zero, are the hard part.

If you have experience with that, please share your experiences.


The schedule, selected by the Call for Papers committee, offers once again too many good choices. It’s hard to decide which talk to visit.


Luckily this year we (the conference organizers) will record talks. The videos will appear here, but this will take a couple of days after the conference. Also not every speaker agreed to being recorded, and we will honor that decision.

On a similar note: we will not recoed the sponsor track (in room Tycho).

Google Summer of Code

We have two speakers who participated in this year’s Google Summer of Code (GSoC).

Congratulations for successfully completing the GSoC program. Both students volunteered to help with the conference as well.

It’s all history

While discussing people’s behavior (not anyone at the conference), we “rediscovered” the old Pentium Bug. Great times!


Looks like the rent in San Francisco is no longer raising, but even loweing a bit here and there. That’s good noews for anyone living there.

It remains to be seen if that holds if companies call more people back into the office.


Final thoughts: who wants to have a “PostgreSQL Certificate”, not “just” a certificate from one of the larger PostgreSQL companies?

Bottom line

It was a nice evening, with plenty of talking, some new ideas, old friends and new acquaintances.

Tomorrow the conference starts, fully packed with three days and three tracks of talks.

See you there!

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