My Podcast List in 2023

Posted by ads on Sunday, 2023-12-31
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During the year 2023 I increased the number of podcasts I’m subscribing and listening to. This is mainly caused by the fact that I’m enforcing a new habit of going out for a run or walk every single day. A good time to listen to podcasts.


In addition to subscribing to more podcasts, I also changed the podcast app from Podcast Addict to AntennaPod. Really like the queue functionality, which lets me select from all new downloads and episodes.

Subscribed Podcasts

Here’s what I currently have subscribed (minus the nsfw content):, in no particular order:

Are you listen to all of them?

No, I don’t. Often skip episodes which doesn’t look like they interest me, and selectively pick episodes I like to hear. Everything which is on a daily basis I aim to keep up to date with, and stuff like history or technical podcasts are for times when I have more time.

I also listen to all podcasts at 2x speed, which is a comfortable speed for my brain to keep me entertained.

Playback Speed set to 2.0
Playback Speed set to 2.0

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