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PGDay Caribbean 2014 - April 1st joke

You might have guessed it, yesterday’s announcement about the PGDay Caribbean 2014 was an April joke.

I’ve got this idea back at FOSDEM 2014 when we discussed possible options for our European PostgreSQL Conference this year (and no, this conference will certainly not take place in the Caribbean).

PGDay Caribbean 2014 - Sommer, Sun & PostgreSQL

PGDay Caribbean 2014 is a one day PostgreSQL conference which takes place on August 1st, in the beautiful city of St. Martin in the Caribbean. The event follows a well known pattern from other PGDay events: great talks, good community, drinks - and we add summer and sunshine on top.

PostgreSQL with natural language support

In today’s fast development cycles and with the available, rapidly changing technologies there is less time for the rational planning of a new application. Since the database is usually the last in the development chain, programmers tend to avoid learning yet another programming language for relational databases. The PostgreSQL Project is aware of this problem.

About this new MySQL Emulation Layer in PostgreSQL 9.0

This blog post of mine about the new MySQL Emulation Layer in PostgreSQL 9.0 was (more of less obvious) an April joke. Most readers have guessed it right.

On the other hand: the idea, that this joke is based on, is very real: during the last conferences and exhibitions which I have attended, many visitors asked us (the PostgreSQL booth staff) about the future of MySQL.

Guess what - we don’t know! Please ask Larry ;-)

PostgreSQL 9.0: Includes the new MySQL Emulation Layer

PostgreSQL 9.0.0, released today, contains the MySQL Emulation Layer.

To enable this feature, set the mysql_compatible option GUC to on.

This years april fool

Too pity, this news is only an april fool: