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Local cachíng of Ansible Facts

Every time Ansible runs a Playbook, the first step (by default) is gathering facts about the target system:

How to clear the cached data in Android - without any App

Up until recently I was using an App to clean the the Android cache once in a while. If you don’t, the device over time get’s sluggish, because too many apps store too much data in the cache. Over time this cache can grow to GBs in size.

On the other hand, every single “clean cache App”, over time, started showing more and more aggresive advertising. I get that the developer wants to make some money, that’s fine. But maybe the money is not enough, so more advertising it is.

Reduce Spotify cache size under Linux

The Spotify client for Linux, by default, will eat away a GB of your precious disk space. Since I mostly listen to random playlists, and rarely ever hear a song twice, there is no need to store all the songs on my hard disk.

Unfortunately the only option you can change in the settings menu (go to Advanced Settings) is the place of the storage folder, but you can’t change the size there.