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Server gecrasht

Unser Server kam zurück … und unser kleiner Lasttest hat hat es diesmal in weniger als 5 Minuten geschafft, die Maschine wieder abstürzen zu lassen.

f* MySQL

Today I woke up because the Nagios used by our ISP sent me a SMS: something does not work well on one of the association servers. According to the SMS, the webserver was not responding. Ok, the webserver is never the cause of the problem, something else is going wrong.

crashme gently

18:08:04 up 4:35, 8 users, load average: 143.69, 116.63, 92.07

2 x ‘stress’, 1 x bonnie, 1 x crashme

Safety of your data

Today I got this after running a mysqlcheck:

warning : Found row where the auto_increment column has the value 0