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locales on Ubuntu

Ubuntu comes per default with UTF8 locales only, sometimes thats not enough.

Find out the package size

Just installed a small CentOS 5 without additional packages and the 4 GB VMWare disk is almost full :-(

Cron mails from root@localhost

If your cron keeps sending mails from root@localhost (which is bad, if the mails are forwarded to another system), check your mailserver settings. In Postfix, your $myhostname setting should point to an existing and valid domainname.

tablelog now as RPM and Debian package

A while ago I submitted my tablelog version 0.4.4 as a Debian package (with Alexander as maintainer) and Devrim created a RPM for Fedora. The RPM was accepted a couple of days later and now that DebConf is over, the Debian maintainer also accepted this package in extra misc for the upcoming release.

Install Debian Etch on a Software Raid 1 with S-ATA disks

New server, S-ATA disks, the hardware RAID controller is not really supported. So we decided to use a software RAID 1 for the two disks.