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PGCon 2011 - Stop following the Greg

Another day in Ottawa. Parts of the crowd attended the PL Developer Summit. Another part ventured the city. Personally I took the chance and got some sleep - only woken up by the room service, calling me and asking me when they can cleanup my room. H***, what is the reason of the “Do not disturb” sign on my door?

Preparing for PGDay

Magnus and I arrived early in Prato. Later on Wednesday in the night, Dave and Greg joined us. So on Thursday we had time to help preparing PGday.

Already in Prato

Yesterday Magnus and I met at Frankfurt/Main Airport and flew together to Florence. People, don’t try to find this ominous CAP bus station on the highway! Just take the ATAF bus heading to Florence station, the stop is right outside the airport near all the white cabs. You can’t miss it. The bus driver sells you a ticket for 4,50€ to Santa Maria Novella. On the station you need another ticket, it cost 1,80€ but the ticket machine knows English. You have to look for a train heading to “Lucca”.