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Unterlagen für Tutorial beim Perl-Workshop in Frankfurt/Main

Die Unterlagen für das Tutorial beim Perl-Workshop 2009 in Frankfurt/Main am 25.02.2009 sind unter:

PostgreSQL and the Perl Workshop 2009 in Frankfurt (Main)

There will be a workshop “optimize PostgreSQL, combine Perl and PostgreSQL” at the Perl Workshop 2009 on February 25 in Frankfurt/Main in Germany.

plane and collapsed building

At Frankfurt/Main Airport (Fraport), if you look outside Terminal A, sometimes you have this curious view:

Already in Prato

Yesterday Magnus and I met at Frankfurt/Main Airport and flew together to Florence. People, don’t try to find this ominous CAP bus station on the highway! Just take the ATAF bus heading to Florence station, the stop is right outside the airport near all the white cabs. You can’t miss it. The bus driver sells you a ticket for 4,50€ to Santa Maria Novella. On the station you need another ticket, it cost 1,80€ but the ticket machine knows English. You have to look for a train heading to “Lucca”.