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Configure a FRITZ!Box in openHAB, using Ansible

A while ago I posted about adding a Fritz!Box to openHAB, using Ansible. Now I had to use the Playbook to install another Raspberry, and found that some parts are missing in my posting. Mostly at the end, when it comes to configuring the Fritz!Box.

Therefore let’s run over all the steps again, and make sure that everything is covered.

Notification when washing machine or dryer are finished, with openHAB

As part of my home automation project, I wanted the washing machine and the dryer to send notifications when they are finished. Both machines are in a separate room, and their alarm beeps are hard to hear in the other parts of the flat. Also because of the noise both machines make during operation, the door is usually closed.

After checking several options how to interact with the washing machine and the dryer (from listening to the audio signals to having light sensors glued over the status led, open the frame and install something inside, and a small cam with picture recognition), I settled with measuring the power consumption. Next step: find the right kit.

Add a FRITZ!Box to openHAB, using Ansible

Next step on my way to add home automation: the FRITZ!Box. Mostly for the current IP-address, and call information.

After some research it became obvious that more manual work is required, hence again something which can be automated.

AVM FRITZ!Box: UMTS-Modem Initialisierung fehlgeschlagen

Mein Internet war plötzlich tot. Von einem Moment auf den anderen. Was war passiert und wie ist das zu reparieren?

Derzeit besteht der Internetanschluß aus einer AVM FRITZ!Box 7390 und einem UMTS-Stick am USB Port. Das ganze lief mehrere Tage fehlerfrei, bis heute nachmittag. Im Log der FRITZ!Box stand bloß “UMTS-Modem Initialisierung fehlgeschlagen”, nichts weiter. Abziehen und anstecken des UMTS-Sticks sowie Reboot der Box brachte immer das gleiche Ergebnis. Konfiguration gesichert, Box auf Werkseinstellungen zurück gesetzt, Konfiguration wieder eingespielt: immer noch das gleiche Problem. Der UMTS-Stick an einem Rechner funktioniert. Irgendetwas ist mit der FRITZ!Box faul.