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Convert Time Duration to Seconds in Google Sheets

When working with time duration (aka: time span) in Google Sheets, it is sometimes necessary to know how many seconds are elapsed. After all, '0:42:23'`' is not very handy to calculate with, and neither is '0*3600+42*60+23'. But '2543 seconds' is easy. This article explains how to do the calculation.

Internet access in Cuba

Note: This article describes the details in the year 2019.

Cuba is still a developing country in terms of Internet access. For a few years tinternet was only available via satellite, and that was slow. There are now a few submarine cables, which has improved the speed, reliability and accessibility. Internet access in Cuba is basically offered by the state provider ETECSA. The internet available in hotels is just passed through to the provider as well.

Internet Zugang in Kuba

Hinweis: Dieser Artikel beschreibt den Zustand im Jahr 2019.

Kuba ist, was den Zugang zum Internet betrifft, immer noch ein Entwicklungsland. Für einige Jahre gab es nur Internet über Satellit, und das war entsprechend langsam. Mittlerweile gibt es Seekabel, was die Geschwindigkeit, Stabilität und Erreichbarkeit verbessert hat. Der Internetzugang in Kuba wird grundsätzlich vom staatlichen Anbieter ETECSA angeboten. Auch das Internet in Hotels läuft letztendlich darüber.