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Convert Time Duration to Seconds in Google Sheets

When working with time duration (aka: time span) in Google Sheets, it is sometimes necessary to know how many seconds are elapsed. After all, '0:42:23'`' is not very handy to calculate with, and neither is '0*3600+42*60+23'. But '2543 seconds' is easy. This article explains how to do the calculation.

Google Sheets: Format cell background based on a value in a cell in another sheet

My problem: sometimes I forget to review published interviews for a talk. I publish a weekly interview series, the 'PostgreSQL Person of the Week' interviews. The data lives in a big spreadsheet, which has several sub-sheets. My idea was to color the background of this cell, based on the value in the first sheet: make the cell background green when the interview is completed. This gives me an instant indication if I need to work on this interview or not. Turns out this is a bit complicated, but possible.