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It's time to move!

Around November 2012 I heard about a new game, one where you have to go out into the world around you. Real-life, you might have heard about it. January 2nd, 2013, I received an activation email and created my game account. The game was still in it’s early beta stage, and back then I was living in a state capital in Germany, right in the middle of the city - but I had to drive 10 minutes to reach the next portal.

Huawei P10

It was time to pick a new mobile phone for myself. Not being very happy with the Samsung I have from my employer, I compiled a list of decent Android phones, and looked into each of them. In the end, I settled with the Huawei P10.

Very Important Ingress Couchsurfing Badge

Let me tell you how easy it is to operate 50 opposing Ingress agents from your couch. And let me tell you how you get recognized as a very important agent by the opposing faction. All you have to do is go out, enjoy life with your family, eat ice cream, go on business or vacation trips - and then sit back on your couch and wait. Ok, the ice cream part is optional. And you have to leave a resonator or two behind, in remote Ingress portals. Maybe add a shield, for fun and the Engineer badge.

Portland, Oregon

After being on the road for almost a week now, Portland was supposed to be restful. Of course it ended up in walking around 13+ kilometers, finding Starbucks shops, a few Geocaches and a huge number Ingress portals ;-)

Olympia, Washington

After doing the whole Twilight tour in Port Angeles, Forks and La Push, we arrived for a day of relaxation in Olympia. As the kid told us, that’s the Capitol City of Washington. Therefore, and because it was not far away from the hotel, we decided to visit the Capitol.


Our first full vacation day was more or less for relaxing, and recovering, and getting rid of the jetlag. Therefore we stayed right in Seattle. Our plan was to walk down to the Great Wheel and to the Aquarium, what we more or less managed to do - with some detours.

After a late breakfast in the hotel, we headed out towards the Great Wheel at the waterfront. For sure, the first group of Ingress portals, and the first mission we played, got us right to the Seattle Public Library.