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New PostgreSQL pg_docbot is live

Last night a long-running project of mine went live: pg_docbot v2.

For years, Jan Wieck provided a helper bot (rtfm_please) in the #postgresql IRC channel in the freenode network. Because of protocol changes in the freenode network, this bot was no longer functional. Together with some others we decided to write a quick and dirty new bot. As it is with dirty hacks, not everything was optimal: after timeouts the bot was not able to reconnect - more exactly the POE framework did not even recognize the timeout. Also extending the bot and adding new functionality was complicated. For a while I collected all these problems in my personal bugtracker and about two years ago I started a full rewrite.

Support your database!

Happened on IRC, just minutes ago:

22:35:09 -!- michi7x7 has joined #postgresql
22:35:14 < michi7x7> hi all
22:35:44 < michi7x7> i have a problem with a mysql-query, but #mysql is full of mysql-lover-noobs

Users start asking the PostgreSQL-folks for MySQL-support. Times are changing ;-)

new screen_away version for irssi finally online

After exact 364 days the irssi folks published my last version which includes SILC support.

New screen_away release

The new release (0.9.7) is already submitted and some days old, but not yet published on the irssi scripts website :-(

Elephants and turtles

Someone on IRC asked for pictures with elephants and turtles, so I took the chance:

Linuxday 2007 visit in Berlin

I’m just back from my one-day trip to the Linuxday 2007, this year in Berlin. The German PG User Group was not present with a booth. My trip was (among other things) to decide, if we will have a booth next year.

Avoid Unique Key violation

If you have a table with an unique key field, want to insert new values but you don’t know if the value may already be in the table, you can use the following query: