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PGSQL Phriday #007 – Triggers for tracking changes in a table

This month’s #PGSQLPhriday is hosted by Lætita Avrot, and she asks about triggers.

History time. Shortly after I started using PostgreSQL, I had a need to track changes in tables. Back then - this was the early version 7.x days - there was no such option available. I set out to write a tool for it. The logical choice to do that was to pick triggers to implement this. Today the world is different, PostgreSQL gained replication, and along with this, one can hook tools into the replication and stream all the changes. Back then there was no replication.

Find fire stations in OpenStreetMap using Overpass Turbo

My kid got a new project: find fire stations. Google Maps is not really helpful here, obviously. And searching in the OpenStreetMap web interface is also a lot of work. But Overpass Turbo is able to find all the places.

When you open the Overpass Turbo page, it starts in Rome, Italy, at the Colloseum. That’s nice, but likely not the place you are looking for. Either scroll to the area you are interested in, or use the search function.

The left side of Overpass Turbo is the input field. You draft queries in a specific language, named Overpass QL (QL). Once you hit the Run button, the right side of the window either shows you the map, or the data output.

A Sunday in Tuscany

As requested here are the pictures from sunday after PGDay.

The Italians decided that we will have lunch in a good restaurant outside of Prato. At 11am, Gabriele joined the hungry crowd in the hotel, 10 Italian minutes later we also had enough car space available for all people ;-) So we drove to Montepiano and there’s the wonderful Ristorante Margherita:

A rose by any other name is still a rose

For you:

Keysigning party at European PGDay 2008 in Prato

There will be a keysigning party at PGDay.(it|eu) in Prato/Italy. The event is the last track on Friday in the evening, probably around 16:50-17:30 (that’s 4:50-5:30 pm).

Finally back home

After a long trip I finally arrived back home. Because the way from Italy back to Germany is very long, I made a stop in Munich and met some old friends. From the moment Stefan and I had entered Austria until I was in Munich, it was heavily raining. After having sunshine and 30 or more degree in Italy this was really sobering.

Pizza Viagra

Seen in an Italian restaurant:

Weekly PostgreSQL newsletter

We just finised and mailed the PWN … this time David and I was posting to our list at exactly the same time ;-)

Free Software Magazine article about PGDay 2007

The Free Software Magazine has a nice article about the organisers and the organisation of the PGDay 2007 in Italy: