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konsole in KDE 4 with fixed size

The (for me) most annoying “feature” in KDE 4 was the konsole behaviour: every new window was opened in the last saved size. Those who (like me) open dozens of terminal windows each and every day will understand the annoyance of this non-deterministic behaviour. In addition, early KDE 4 versions always ignored the default settings for the window size (and also ignored the according commandline parameters), priority was given to the saved session data. In the meanwhile (KDE 4.3) the software was improved and with some manipulations konsole can be forced to start with a fixed size.

Start multiple ssh sessions with KDE konsole

I have shell accounts on different servers. Sometimes - especially if new Debian/Ubuntu/Redhat/Fedora updates are available - I have to open a ssh session to each server. That takes time and too many keyboard clicks and being a lazy admin I thought this job can be scripted.