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Read number lines in a file - in LaTeX

Probably a rare needed feature, but I had to count the number lines in a text file - in LaTeX.

Generate random number in LaTeX

It is possible to generate random numbers in a TeX document. For a gimmick I wanted a random line from a text file in my slides. The first step was to find a random number.

Include and exclude latex-beamer frames

For my slides I sometimes want to disable parts of the presentation, as example: if the operating system is Linux, I don’t need Solaris installation instructions. The \ifthenelse{<condition>}{...true...}{...false...} from the ifthen package works very well for normal frames, but it fails if there are examples (verbatim environment) in the code.

Create a newspaper in TeX

My problem: for our wedding I need a small magazine with a foto on the front, the agenda, some notes for the music and some more additional information. The decision was to create A5 sheets and print them doublesided on an A4 paper, so you need at least 4 A5 sheets to fill one paper.

itemize in tabular

If you want to put an itemize list inside a tabular environment, the tabular column must be a \parbox typ (thats: p{...}).