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Configuring "locales" in Debian and Ubuntu, using Ansible - Reloaded

Last year I posted about how to configure “locales” in Debian or Ubuntu, using Ansible. Back then I did not know that there is an Ansible debconf module available, and I have no idea how I could miss it. Anyway, this makes things a bit easier, but not much.

First of all, the module let’s you both set and query values. However because the locales package does not use debconf for the list of locales, but stores this list in /etc/locale.gen, things are still unnecessary complicated. But I managed to get it working without having to use an additional file as flag if this step was completed before.

Configuring "locales" in Debian and Ubuntu, using Ansible

Missing locale settings will result in error messages like:

locales on Ubuntu

Ubuntu comes per default with UTF8 locales only, sometimes thats not enough.