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Make sure you don't get mail

Just seen in a mailserver logfile:

Thunderbird, Enigmail and sending encrypted mails as attachment

By default, the OpenPGP extension in Thunderbird (Enigmail) sends every encrypted mail as inline text, not as an attachment. Mutt as example does not recognize the encrypted mail but just displays the unreadable binary stuff.

Cron mails from root@localhost

If your cron keeps sending mails from root@localhost (which is bad, if the mails are forwarded to another system), check your mailserver settings. In Postfix, your $myhostname setting should point to an existing and valid domainname.

MUA changed

Finally, after (I think) 13 years, I switched my mail user agent from pine to mutt. Not that I like the latter more, it has other problems and/or ways of handling mails which I don’t like. But the (non-existent) pgp support in pine drove me crazy. After configuring a while around, more than 300 .muttrc config lines and some Perl scripts to create send-hooks from nicely configured roles later, I have almost the same behaviour like before.

Wo bekommt man Postkarten?

Wir wollen bei unseren Einladungen fertige Rückantwortkarten beilegen, bei denen die Gäste, die zur Hochzeit kommen wollen, nur noch ein paar Daten eintragen müssen.