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Pythagorean theorem in ChatGPT - or how the AI invented the mathematical Missing Angle theorem

ChatGPT tried to calculate the angles and legs in a right angled triangle, and instead invented a new mathematical theorem of a Missing Angle

Convert Time Duration to Seconds in Google Sheets

When working with time duration (aka: time span) in Google Sheets, it is sometimes necessary to know how many seconds are elapsed. After all, '0:42:23'`' is not very handy to calculate with, and neither is '0*3600+42*60+23'. But '2543 seconds' is easy. This article explains how to do the calculation.

2 + 2 * 4 = 16?

Jens Kubieziel recently posted a Twitter poll: 2 + 2 * 4

Divide by Zero

After I ran into this article and the video yesterday, my first thought was: and what about complex numbers? He is drawing the Nullity directly into the complex number area.