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German-Speaking PostgreSQL Conference 2011 - A résumé

The German-Speaking PostgreSQL Conference 2011 is over!

It was a very good event and the response was much better than expected. Thanks to all who have come to Oberhausen - despite the start of the carnival at the same day. Honestly, I had 50 visitors set as the limit to declare the event a success for myself. Two days before the conference we had to close the registry because the planned capacity at that time was already almost fully utilized. At this time, we had almost 90 registrations - including walk-ins we certainly topped the 100.

Ristorante - Pizzeria Fiorino in Wien

Die letzte Woche bescherte einen Kurzausflug nach Wien und unter anderem ein Abendessen in einem guten Restaurant. Von den Ortskundigen wurde das Ristorante Pizzeria Fiorino in der Nähe des Praterstern vorgeschlagen.

Finally back home

After a long trip I finally arrived back home. Because the way from Italy back to Germany is very long, I made a stop in Munich and met some old friends. From the moment Stefan and I had entered Austria until I was in Munich, it was heavily raining. After having sunshine and 30 or more degree in Italy this was really sobering.