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Summer Vacation 2016

This year’s summer vacation brought us to the American Northwest. First of all, it was a surprise in multiple ways for our kid - he did not know where we are going until we arrived at the gate for the final flight in Frankfurt. He did not know that we are going to visit his favorite mountain. And he did not know that there will be a concert of a band he likes.

Mount St. Helens

Getting some rest in Olympia was good, but the kid couldn’t sit still any longer - Mount St. Helens was finally on! If you ask the kid, it can probably tell you more about volcanos in general, and particularly¬†this one than you might ever learn in a lifetime. Therefore visiting Mount St. Helens was supposed to be one of the highlights of this vacation.

You can’t really go up all the way to Mount St. Helens, but there are several places from where you have a wonderful view at the volcano. There are two ways you can use: in the north it’s Spirit Lake Highway, the 504. And in the south it’s Lewis River Road, the 503. Make your decision, each route is good for one day. For today, coming from Olympia, we decided on the northern route.

Olympia, Washington

After doing the whole Twilight tour in Port Angeles, Forks and La Push, we arrived for a day of relaxation in Olympia. As the kid told us, that’s the Capitol City of Washington. Therefore, and because it was not far away from the hotel, we decided to visit the Capitol.

The Twilight Tour

Going to Washington (State), Andrea asked if we can visit the places where the Twilight novels take place. Basically Port Angeles, Forks, La Push and Olympia. That’s too much for one day, so we settled on a roundtrip around the Olympic National Park for one day, and Olympia for another day. That is also the reason why we travelled to Bremerton the day before: just to shorten the trip for today.