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How to integrate YouTube videos into Hugo blog postings

This tutorial explains how to integrate YouTube videos into a blog posting in Hugo.

Migration from Twitter to Mastodon

Many people (I don’t like this phrase) are leaving Twitter these days, and looking for a new social media home. One of these places is Mastodon. This blog post aims to summarize the steps necessary for a migration, and includes pointers to websites which can help with said move.

Reboot the Raspberry Pi on network failures (brcmfmac: brcmf_cfg80211_scan: scan error -110)

In one of my earlier blog posts I reported that occasionally the HABpanel will disconnect from the server. Turns out it’s not HABpanel, but it’s the Pi itself which is causing the trouble. Part of the problem why it took me so long to investigate is that the display is in the kitchen, and someone had to have a look and spot the small red error message. To work around that problem, I hooked the device up in the network monitoring, and had an alarm triggered when the device is not reachable. Sure enough, that happens occasionally.

Because I moved /var/log to a small RAM disk to avoid wearing out the SDcard, all logs are lost once the device is rebooted. Had to bring keyboard and mouse to the kitchen in order to save the logfiles once the device was no longer reachable over the network.

Turns out it’s a well-known problem with the network chip on the Raspberry Pi. One of the GitHub issues is open since 2018, the other one since 2019. So no hope for a real quick fix :-(

Occasional HABpanel disconnect from the openHAB server

The new display showing HABpanel works quite nice. But occasionally the fullscreen browser will lose the network connection. As far as I can see, it’s not a Wi-Fi problem of the Raspberry Pi, but still annoying: in the morning the browser shows a small red warning that the connection to the openHAB server is lost, time is still correct, but temperature and the status of other devices is outdated. To fix that, I have to leave fullscreen mode, hit reload - and then there is no keyboard for going into fullscreen mode again (that’s using the F11 key).

Automatically start a fullscreen browser on a Raspberry Pi - show openHAB HABpanel

The Raspberry Pi with the touch display for the home automation system is coming along nicely. One problem to solve: how to display the openHAB HABpanel, and which browser to use?

Firefox and Chrome don’t run on Raspbian. However Chromium (the open source part of the Chrome browser) is. That’s a good start. But how to start the browser automatically, and in full screen?

Raspberry Pi: disable Wi-Fi powersave, and stay connected all the time

Recently I installed a Raspberry Pi with Raspbian, and attached a touchscreen to it. The device is supposed to work as a display for our openHAB home automation system. All nice and shiny, except the Pi occasionally disconnects from the Wi-Fi - apparently in order to safe power. Once the network device is needed, the Wi-Fi is reconnected. That is the default setting.

That is quite annoying, because the HABpanel will lose it’s connection to the openHAB server, and no longer show widget updates. Some widgets like “time” will just continue to work, but other widgets like status of the washing machine, or the current outside temperature just show the last state, and never update.

Pushover app on Huawei Android phones

While diving deeper into my openHAB installation, the need for notifications on mobile phones came up. After some research, I settled with Pushover, which provides Android and iOS apps, as well as Desktop notifications. openHAB Rules have support for Pushover, and everything works well together.

Except when Android decides to kill apps, because they sit idle and do nothing. It so happens on my Huawei phone that notifications are delivered to the device, but no popup shows up. Only when I open the up, suddenly all the messages are there. The Pushover FAQ has an entry for this, even for Huawei phones, but it is outdated.

After another research it turns out, that the battery management in Android is at fault - but it can be disabled.

Entdecken Sie das neue XING

Seit einiger Zeit bekam ich als Moderator auf der Xing Plattform immer mal wieder Hinweise darauf, das bald alles besser werden würde. Einige Rundschreiben gab es, sowie die Möglichkeit sich das vorab anzuschauen. Hätte ich das mal getan …

Xing ist da der ganz große Wurf gelungen. Wirklich! Glaubt mir!

Also, jedenfalls wenn man den derzeitigen Marktführer in Sachen sozialer Netze kopieren will.

XING: Oder warum ich Ihre Kontaktanfrage nicht angenommen habe

Update: Ich wurde gebeten, diesen Text unter eine freie Lizenz zu stellen, damit andere diesen ebenfalls verwenden können. Offensichtlich besteht größerer Bedarf an einer brauchbaren Erklärung. Ich stelle diesen Artikel daher unter die Creative Commons Lizenz cc-by-nc-sa Version 3.0. Im Kern besagt diese Lizenz: Dieser Text darf frei verwendet werden, Änderungen dürfen für eigene Zwecke vorgenommen werden. Das Ergebnis ist jedoch wieder unter die gleiche Lizenz (Lizenzteil “sa”) zu stellen. Eine kommerzielle Verwertung (Lizenzteil “nc”) ist nicht gestattet, mein Name (Lizenzteil “by”) muss in diesem Zusammenhang nicht genannt werden. Viel Spaß damit.

Wer bei XING angemeldet ist und die Plattform häufiger nutzt, kennt vielleicht das Problem: wildfremde Menschen schicken eine Kontaktanfrage. Manche Begründungen sind auf den ersten Blick logisch, manche fadenscheinig, manchmal sind gar keine vorhanden.

Schnelle Freundschaften bei Facebook

Passend zu dem Artikel bei Heise über das Allgemeinwissen von Facebook über Nicht-Mitglieder hier meine ganz persönliche Statistik: