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PGSQL Phriday #002 Summary: PostgreSQL Backup and Restore

Last week for 'PGSQL Phriday': Describe how you do backups for your PostgreSQL databases.

PGSQL Phriday #002: PostgreSQL Backup and Restore

Thanks to Ryan Booz we now have the #PGSQLPhriday blogging series. The second edition is about backups. And of course also about restore.

PGSQL Phriday #001: Two truths and a lie

This month's #PGSQLPhriday topic: pick your three favorite or most important best pratices for #PostgreSQL. Tell them in a form that two are true, one is a lie. See if you can spot which one is true and which one is false. The resolution is at the end of this blog posting.

Changes to the public schema in PostgreSQL 15 and how to handle upgrades

In September 2021, a patch for the upcoming PostgreSQL version 15 was committed which introduces a visible change for users: the 'CREATE' privilege for the 'public' schema is no longer set by default.

PostgreSQL Upgrades are hard

Together with Lætitia Avrot and Nikolay Samokhvalov I was invited to participate in a Community Panel about PostgreSQL Upgradability at Postgres Vision 2022. During this panel each of us provided examples for how easy or complicated *PostgreSQL* upgrades still are.