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A Sunday in Tuscany

As requested here are the pictures from sunday after PGDay.

The Italians decided that we will have lunch in a good restaurant outside of Prato. At 11am, Gabriele joined the hungry crowd in the hotel, 10 Italian minutes later we also had enough car space available for all people ;-) So we drove to Montepiano and there’s the wonderful Ristorante Margherita: - second day

Continuing our two-day event PGDay we have seen more interesting talks and devroom sessions on the second day.

The day started with David Fetters running into the room on time and talking about Trees and More in SQL. The next time you have to solve a Traveling salesman problem you can solve this in your favourite database.

Party in the evening

Friday in the evening we had a party which was sponsored by EnterpriseDB. Thank’s a lot!

Today, in the closing note, Gabriele told us that we only drank half of the free beer and we had to continue the party after the PGDay was officially closed. - first day

The usual note: in Prato is a smashing success ;-)

Preparing for PGDay

Magnus and I arrived early in Prato. Later on Wednesday in the night, Dave and Greg joined us. So on Thursday we had time to help preparing PGday.

Already in Prato

Yesterday Magnus and I met at Frankfurt/Main Airport and flew together to Florence. People, don’t try to find this ominous CAP bus station on the highway! Just take the ATAF bus heading to Florence station, the stop is right outside the airport near all the white cabs. You can’t miss it. The bus driver sells you a ticket for 4,50€ to Santa Maria Novella. On the station you need another ticket, it cost 1,80€ but the ticket machine knows English. You have to look for a train heading to “Lucca”.

Keysigning party at European PGDay 2008 in Prato

There will be a keysigning party at PGDay.(it|eu) in Prato/Italy. The event is the last track on Friday in the evening, probably around 16:50-17:30 (that’s 4:50-5:30 pm).

Finally back home

After a long trip I finally arrived back home. Because the way from Italy back to Germany is very long, I made a stop in Munich and met some old friends. From the moment Stefan and I had entered Austria until I was in Munich, it was heavily raining. After having sunshine and 30 or more degree in Italy this was really sobering.

Weekly PostgreSQL newsletter

We just finised and mailed the PWN … this time David and I was posting to our list at exactly the same time ;-) ended is over, it was a really impressive conference with a lot of good talks. The people from the Prato Linux User Group did a really good job. I met many people which I only knew from mail or irc, had some interesting discussions and of course we had fun ;-)