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Community relations

I decided to have a second talk before my main talk and prepared some slides from the community day in Prato, which took place yesterday. The talk was named “Community relations” and got some attention ;-)

Got icecream

Yesterday Stefan (mastermind) and I finally arrived in Prato just to meet David Fetter, Magnus Hagander and Josh Berkus in the hotel. We made a trip into the city because we had some hours until the evening program starts.

Blue plush elephants

Mr. Postman again, this time he delivered a parcel.

Talks for PGDay accepted

Just got two mails, the staff accepted both talks I had submitted. One talk will be about my table_log, the other about migrating web platforms from Mysql to PostgreSQL.

Two talks for PGDay submitted

I’ve submitted two talks for PGDay, one about my tablelog extension for PostgreSQL, the other one about migrating web-based community platforms from MySQL to PostgreSQL.

Will see, if they will get accepted.

Free Software Magazine article about PGDay 2007

The Free Software Magazine has a nice article about the organisers and the organisation of the PGDay 2007 in Italy: