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New Blog

New blog. Or, more exactly, new blog software. I moved this blog from Serendipity to Hugo.

Speed up your Serendipity blog running on PostgreSQL

In the last days I monitored the PostgreSQL logfile on my webserver to find slow queries in the Serendipity blog software. I was hunting another bug in the “events” module, therefore I decided it’s woth the additional work and maybe I can tweak some settings to speed up the response time a bit.

Manage Serendipity installations with Spartacus

I have to manage a few Serendipity (s9y) installations. Only one of them is my personal blog, the others are customer installations, all on different servers. Apart from new Serendipity versions, there’s also the problem with updated plugins. How can one know about available updates without opening each blog in a browser window, open administration, select Configure Plugins and check for new sidebar and event plugins?

UBERWACH plugin for serendipity

Maybe you already noted the small surveillance camera in the menu list on the right side. Hopefully the icon is green, that would be good for you. If it’s red your request comes from an IP-address known for being allocated by a German ministry or political party. Thats nice to know, isn’t it?