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Chemnitz Linux Days 2013

Chemnitz Linux Days is one of the main Open Source and Linux conferences in Germany, for the 15th consecutive year now. And personally it’s one of my favourite conferences.

You need two elephants for replication

FOSDEM 2008 in Brussels is a smashing success. As you remember we have a shared devroom together with the BSD projects. So far it seems we are one of the few devrooms who have a full schedule for both days - some other projects (who particulary got a bigger devroom) only had talks for one day or worse.

Daddy elephant, mommy elephant and a herd of childs

For FOSDEM, I ordered a new set of blue plush elephants. The parcel arrived today and this time I not only got the usual 18cm stuffed toys, I also got 2 which are 60cm height. Anyone interested? ;-)

Elephants and turtles

Someone on IRC asked for pictures with elephants and turtles, so I took the chance: